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We offer quality classes and provide certified professional instructors so that we can give you a great workout every time! We welcome men and women to our studio.

Our schedule and description of classes and rates will give you all the information you need to get started. Click here for a peek into the studio.

Our studio is available for rentals, either on a single or long term basis. For more information on rentals see our rental page.

Hope to see you soon.

15th Anniversary Party and Silent Auction a success

Read a message about the auction from The Works manager Sarah Cohen here.

We had a great time at the party! See some pictures here.

Amazon Local participants please click here.

What makes The Works special?

The person sweating next to you in class is probably the "owner" (well, one of them, at least). We have been owned by member students since 1999. That means we operate with no Corporate Ownership. Every cent that we collect is invested back into keeping this wonderful studio alive and thriving. The fascinating authors, academics, artists and otherwise ingenious people who populate The Works are part of something bigger than themselves, and now you are too — every time you walk through the doors. Doesn't that feel good?

Who comes to The Works?

. . . for Works Coop classes: Sophisticated Berkeley/Oakland residents interested in a grown-up version of Pilates Mat, Yoga with a focus on Balance, Iyengar Yoga, Cardio and Strength training with Intervals, and the pure fun of Cardio Dance. Use your Works class card for any class on the schedule with a PINK BOX.

. . . for Dance/Acting Classes: Works Instructors attract students from all over San Francisco Bay cause they are HOT, HOT, HOT! And their classes are addictive (in a good way). Samba, Salsa, Bhangra, Cuban, Hip Hop, Indian Classical, Tango, even Improv Acting!

. . . for more Exercise options: Those who want even more options can check out Shola's Body Sculpt, White Crane Silat's Kung Fu, Carrie's Sharqui, and Shakti's Yoga.

The Works Schedule Updates

Shaw-chin and Karen
Mondays @ 9am with Alyssa
Tuesdays @ 8am with Alyssa
Thursdays @ 8am with Erin
Cardio Dance
Tuesdays @ 9:30–10:30 with Chrissy
Thursdays @ 10:00–11:00 with Chrissy
No class Thursday, August 7
Yoga + Balance
Wednesdays @ 9am with Alan
Total Body Conditioning — Intervals
Sundays @ 9:30am–10:45am with Karen
Shaw-chin subs for Karen on August 10
Thursdays @ 9am with Karen
Shakti Yoga
Sat @ 9:30–11am with Shakti (you can use your Works class card to try this class). Shakti also hosts class on Mon @ 5pm and Wed @ 10:15am.

Friday Gyrokinesis® Series with Erin Carper

Four Friday mornings, 9–10am, August 1 through August 22

Come arch, curl, and spiral your way to a more fluid, mobile spine! In this four-week workshop we will explore using breath, spinal movement, and joint mobility to create healthy alignment and improve balance. All levels welcome!

4 Fridays: 8/1, 8/8, 8/15. 8/22
$18 Drop-in, $60 for Series
The Works Member discounts apply

New class coming in August

Shaolin Kung Fu (ages 5+ up) Tuesdays @ 3–5pm starts ongoing August 5, with Danny Jiang.

First Ever 4 day Intensive with Katarina Burda

Katarina Burda is a living legend with a wealth of knowledge. Through her 40-year dance career she has bestowed her love of dance ethnology, articulate technique, and passion for music to many famous dancers of our time. Her Bay Area weekly classes not only trained top dancers such as Mira Betz, Zoe Jakes, Elizabeth Strong, Jill Parker, Miriam Perez, but her company Aywah was a major influence in the formation of what we now know as Tribal Fusion Bellydance. The opportunity to study with her is rare and a must-do; do not pass up this opportunity to work with her. She offers an incredibly high quality foundation of knowledge that every dancer, no matter what style or level, should be required to have, and one that is harder and harder to find.

August 7th–10th 2014

Thur Aug 7 @ 10-1pm & 2-4pm
Fri Aug 8 @ 9-12 & 1-3pm
Sat Aug 9 @ 11-2 & 3-5pm
Sun Aug 10 @ 11-2 & 3-5pm

Here is a preliminary list to get an idea of what will be covered. All topics subject to change:

Dance as Celebration
Dance as Ritual
Dance as Daily Life
Dance as Connection

Katarina specializes in teaching the full package of Music, Dance, and History. The following dances and countries will likely be covered: Moroccan Guedra and Shikhatt; Line dances from Armenia, Jordan, Macedonia, and Morocco; Romani and Balkan Dances, Music, and history. A supplemental program will be offered in the afternoons by Mira Betz. She will offer material supporting the topics and dancing covered by Katarina, with short discussions on the responsibilities and ramifications of appropriation, as well as our modern "take" on these dances within our own world-dance culture and how Katarina's work has influenced the current scope of "Tribal Fusion".

Cardio Dancing for Deb

The event took place Tuesday, December 10 in Chrissy's Cardio Dance class, with dancers Roz, Debra, Barbara, Dorothy, Earll, Maxine, Cheryl, MorningStar, Leslie, Fernanda, Sara N, Johanna, Chris, Esther, Sarah W, Sarah EJC, and Deb herself. Watch the VIDEO!

Deb Cohan's Healing Journey continues from The Works to Good Morning America, to Bing's Heroic Women of 2013

(along with Margaret Thatcher and Malala Yousafzai).

Deb sent the note at right.

Life at The Works . . .

Full house of Cuban dance action July 2014.

On January 22, Works members took a tour of the newly-renovated Cal Stadium. Many thanks to our guides Justin Panarese, Ash Puri, and Jenny Simon.

Some scenes from last year's Bay Area Dance Week at The Works:

Works — Total Body Challenge

Click here for more videos.

Congrats to Lindy Hop instructors Stacey and Vaughn . . .

. . . and welcome to Earth, Glen Rice Bearden.

3:29 pm on October 9 and weighed in at 9 lbs 11 oz.